We Have a Good Start on the House

Of course it was not as though anyone else was really interested in inheriting this place. My cousin is a dentist some place down South and his parents had not really kept this place up like it needed. He was trying to get them to move down there the last ten years at least. I had been looking out for them before both of them ended up in nursing homes, but the place has been sitting vacant for a year and a half now. The big ticket thing is finding someone to do AC replacement in Brooklyn, but other than that there is not anything that I can not do myself pretty much, although I am going to get my cousins to help me. Jerome got me to pay him for the place, although my calculations figure that it is worth at least a third more than what he charged me.

I went to the bank and they wanted to jump in line in front of me. Jerome called me up and told me that the guy from the bank had offered him a better price. He did not care and seemed to figure that he owed me for the things that I had done for my aunt and my uncle, which had not seemed like much of anything to me at the time or even now. The place is fine to live in for me and of course I am eager to get out of paying rent on my apartment, where I am paying through the nose for a place that is pretty tiny. Becky says I have to fix the bathrooms before she will move in, although I had not made that offer and I am not really sure that I want to. She certainly never asked me to move into her place.