Great choice within the car transport services

Whatever car shipping company you will choose, you will face the necessity to consider different options of the delivery

And not to spend too much additional time discovering the details of each of the types, you can check the most basic information below.

Variants of the transportation

1)      Open air delivery. This is the case when your car will be placed on a flatbed truck together with dozens of others. You should have seen such a construction on the main roads. It’s a pretty cheap and affordable option for most of the cars’ owners while in some cases it’s considered as a not very safe for the vehicle option. You should remember, especially if you are applying for a car transporting service for the interstate trips, that there can be heavy rain, snowfall and other unpredictable weather conditions on the way, and your car will be open for all of them.

2)      Enclosed delivery means much better protection your car will get. Depending on the price there are two basic types if this kind of services:
– Soft-sided variant is less costly but you still will get a pretty good protection. It can be described as a placement of your car under the canvas or vinyl tent. Thus, all the surfaces of your vehicle will be covered, including protection from the random small rocks from under the wheels;
– Hard-sided delivery is the most common when we are talking about the enclosed delivery. The shipping company places cars inside the trailer, so it’s hidden not only from the weather, birds and insects but also from the strangers’ eyes. If the truck will stay at the parking area for the night, this option is extremely essential if you are planning to transport a very expensive car.

3)      Door-to-door delivery is a very convenient way to deliver your vehicle, especially in regards to the across-the-country transportation. You just need to choose the most convenient for your pick-up and drop-off spots. The only limitation here is that you need to make sure that the carrier, especially with a more massive open transport, will be able to access those spots. Thus, it can be very difficult if there are low trees’ branches next to the road.

4)      Terminal-to-terminal, especially when we are talking about an open-air delivery, is the most famous and cheapest variant provided by almost every shipping company for cars. Big carriers normally have their terminal or port in almost every state and big city which makes the whole procedure more comfortable for the cars’ owners. The main issue here is to arrange your car to be delivered to and from the terminals, and if you are hiring a driver for this purpose, you need to carefully check the insurance policy. The transporter’s insurance covers only the distance between terminals and the standard insurance your car has can exclude the cases when it’s driven by the third party.

5)      Exclusive service. This is more applicable if you possess an exotic or sports car. Beside the fact that obviously you need to choose the enclosed door-to-door delivery to fully protect it, it’s always recommended to use the service of the specialized carriers. For example, Horseless Carriage is the company which is dealing exactly with this type of the cars and can provide a 100 % service and protection. Of course, such an individual approach will cost you more than the same type of the delivery within more traditional transportation companies, but the owners of these expensive vehicles are usually able to pay slightly more for much better service. Moreover, in case you will need such transportation on a regular basis (for attending exhibitions, for example), as a return customer you might get a much better quote. That is why it’s always recommended to check and discuss the long-term relationships directly with the transportation company’s representative in advance. Deliveries of the boats, vans, equipment, pets, personal belongings – are just a few examples of what else the modern carriers can offer to their clients. Discounts are also applicable when we are talking about the car’s delivery (for students, military, seniors etc.). As you can see, there are a lot of specialties and benefits you may face. That is why the price itself should not be the greatest priority for you when making a choice.