Golf Cart Maintenance 101

Golf carts can be a ton of fun and the envy of pedestrians in beach resort towns. However, like everything piece of machinery, golf carts do require some maintenance. Don’t push yours off and wind up spending a fortune for repairs that could have been avoided with basic upkeep. Check out the tips below for keeping your battery-operated golf cart in top shape.

1. Proper Charging

Check the owner’s manual for your golf cart to ensure you charge it in order to optimize battery life. If you charge your battery too frequently, you can cause it to drain more quickly. Since you might fear you’ll run out of power if you don’t charge before taking it for a spin, try keeping a spare fully charged battery in the cart to avoid getting stuck.

2. Tire Maintenance

Check the tire pressure frequently and keep it at the recommended level typically found on the sidewall of a tire. Appropriate tire pressure will put less pressure on the wheels for carts because the tires will wear less quickly than deflated ones.

3. Winterization

If you live in an area with cold winters, you will likely need to store your golf cart for several months out of the year. For peak performance next season, you should neutralize the battery using a battery acid neutralizer and combat corrosion by spritzing them with a sodium bicarbonate and water mixture. Additionally, you want to ensure you have the proper water level in your battery as too much or too little causes issues. Using either a golf cart battery watering system or a watering gun, fill it to the appropriate level.

4. Brake Maintenance

The typical golf cart travels between twenty and twenty-five miles per hour, on average. Because of this, you must have a functioning brake system on your cart. Twice a year you should take a look at the brake fluid, shoes and cables to check for potential issues. If you discover a problem, take it to a repair shop before driving again.

5. Filter Replacement

Regularly replacing filters will help to keep your golf cart running efficiently. Swap out your oil, fuel and air filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

With great fun comes great responsibility. If you are lucky enough to own a golf cart, keep the maintenance tips above in mind so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.