Taking Care of Your Company’s Parking Lot

Your company’s parking lot is an essential piece of what keeps you in business. Your employees and clients will want to make sure that there is a safe place to leave their vehicle while inside and inviting parking lots can attract customers through curb appeal. Unfortunately, it is one area that most owners ignore until the problems lead to a loss in business or even injuries and damaged property. There are three main things you can do to keep your lot looking and functioning properly, have clear designations, place trash bins conveniently and hire maintenance crews for a seasonal check-up.

Clear Designations

Clear designations for handicapped stalls, customer parking areas and other separations is not only important to local legal regulations, it can show your customers what your company values. You can even find stencils for things like pick up orders, expecting parents and senior citizens through motorcycle parking Carnation WA stencil companies.

Trash Bins                  

Conveniently located trash bins in both customer and employee parking areas can help keep the parking lot looking cleaner. Trash accidentally following people out of their vehicles happens often and when there is not a clearly visible bin nearby, some will leave it where it landed. Having frequent bins outside your building will also help employees clean the parking lot during designated sweep times and adding the task of emptying them to your closing routine will further keep trash where it belongs.

Maintenance Crews

Parking lot maintenance companies will wash your lots, paint or repaint markings and even resurface the lot and fix potholes. It is a good idea to have one of these companies on call so you can schedule seasonal cleaning, snow removal and inspections to keep your lot in prime condition. To avoid disrupting business as much as possible crew can come by after closing or before opening and you can give ample warning to employees and customers alike that the lot needs to be empty for cleaning and repair.

Your parking lot is part of the curb appeal to your business. In real estate, curb appeal can bring in more offers and higher prices and it can function in much the same way for your company. A clean and well-maintained parking lot with clear designations can encourage customers to stop and shop with you. It can also keep your liabilities for injuries and vehicle damages to a minimum to have a maintenance crew come in for regular cleanings and inspections.