How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Safe

Over-the-road truck drivers work and drive long hours. They keep our country going as they move commodities and goods across the United States from manufacturers to retailers. Without truck drivers, people would not have the goods and supplies they need to function normally everyday. For trucking companies, it is important to care for the well-being and safety of those who do so much to ensure the U.S. economy functions as it should. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Keep Up With Fleet Maintenance

Rigs don’t run well if they aren’t maintained. Tractor-trailers require significant investment and things like a fuel air separation system and regular maintenance are integral to ensuring they run properly for hundreds of thousands of miles. You don’t want to lose time and money because of a clogged air filter or lack of an oil change. Maintaining the required fleet maintenance will help to avoid the bigger, more costly repairs down the road. 

2. Limit Time on the Road

Studies show that long-haul truck drivers do not get the sleep they need and that is required to be alert on the road. Many companies will limit the number of allowable hours of driving per day to help address this issue. Truckers know their livelihood depends on hauling and delivering their goods, and some will push themselves too hard to do so. Putting restrictions in place as part of company policy can help keep everyone safe.

3. Provide Emergency Kits

Trucking companies should ensure they provide a well-stocked emergency kit to be stored in the truck. Emergency kits should contain items like water, food, a blanket and a first aid kit. Emergency kits come in handy in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Truckers are an integral part of the U.S. economy. Keeping them safe will be beneficial not only to them, but also to everyone else.