Finding the Right Specialty Courier Service

Not all courier services are created for the same purpose, but you’d be surprised how many people think otherwise. While you can probably count on a general courier for any quick document transportation or short-range local delivery you need made quickly, they aren’t really equipped to deal with heavy loads, sensitive materials, or biological specimens. For that, you need to call a professional who specializes in that kind of transportation.

Jewelry Couriers and Armored Messengers

If you’re moving money and valuables, you’ve got two choices. An armored messenger truck is one solution, but usually one with a limited range. Confidential couriers that operate by maintaining a low profile and a large insurance policy are another. While they are not as secure as armored trucks, these courier services tend to use unmarked vans with minimal windows and a schedule that precludes stopping in ways that leave the vehicle unattended. Whichever option you use, it’s a more secure option than simply trusting a general courier.

Medical Couriers

Another specialty most people overlook is biomedical transport. When you call for biomedical specimen pick-up Pennsylvania, you’re calling for a professional trained to handle medical specimens, with the professional coverage and certifications necessary to be in good standing with the medical professional community. There are still occasional mishaps, but these professionals work hard to minimize them, and they have the best track record with this kind of transport.

Livestock Transport

Last but not least, remember you can find professionals who handle animals for a living when you are moving pets or livestock. Whether you’re taking prized breeding animals to a new home or selling a portion of your herd for income, you need people who know how to handle your animals ethically and professionally, so you get them where they are going without having to worry about your bottom line.

Don’t settle for any courier service when you have a special job. Find the right fit.