Cars and Natural Disasters

Owning a car is never inexpensive. After the initial purchasing expense, even if you don’t have monthly payments you will be responsible for insurance costs, gasoline, regular maintenance, and the inevitable unplanned repairs or servicing. Even though the costs can be overwhelming, cars provide an excellent source of transportation to get you to work or social activities! If you’ve chosen to own a car, it’s a good idea to be aware of what you should do if you have the unpleasant experience of being victimized by a natural disaster. In any situation, though, it’s likely that calling your insurance company first is the best route to go!

Hailstorm Damage

A hailstorm, though it can be exciting and different, can be a disaster for car owners. While hail is often small and insignificant, if it’s large it can wreak havoc on your belongings. Hail can cause incredible damage to your car in the form of dents and broken glass and lights. Hail damage repair Denver CO can be done by a professional auto body company and can be nothing more than a nuisance if you have insurance that covers it! 

Flood Damage

People who live in flood-prone areas may live their lives being cautious of the next big flood. Even if you don’t live in a community that’s often subjected to flooding, you likely don’t want your vehicle to be submerged! The best piece of advice for protecting your vehicle from flooding is to avoid flooded roads; simply turn around if you cannot easily see the bottom of the puddle through which you’re about to drive. If your vehicle is flooded, though, make sure you get out of it immediately, and if you aren’t in it, make sure you don’t attempt to turn it on until the motor and fuel system have dried completely. Towing it to a mechanic is a good start, and there is a chance that the vehicle might not be totaled if it’s restarted properly. Again, your insurance company will hopefully be able to help.