What To Look for in an Emergency Roadside Service Provider

Truck drivers understand the risks that come with spending their days and nights on the road. They know that a roadside breakdown can occur at any time, and they realize the importance of having 24 hour roadside service for trucks crisscrossing the country day and night.

Having a plan to handle roadside emergencies is a must for trucking companies, and most companies will turn to a roadside service provider for help. In evaluating roadside service providers, trucking company operators should consider the types of services offered, the availability and response time, the process for reporting a breakdown, and the cost saving factors.

Types of Services

Most roadside service providers offer a range of emergency services that can include towing and recovery, mechanical repairs, and tire and key services. Many of them will also have various on-site facility repairs, fleet management, and inspection programs.

Availability and Response Time

Professional providers work with an extensive network of transportation vendors who are available 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing a fast response time no matter where the breakdown might be. This minimizes down time for the driver and gets the truck back on the road quickly.

Streamlined Process

Roadside service providers realize that it’s important to have a reporting process that’s quick and simple. This usually means one phone call from the truck driver to a central dispatcher who will coordinate roadside assistance and track the progress using sophisticated computer technology.

Cost savings

Many roadside service providers provide free membership to their clients and charge them only for the services they use. Providers can also offer cost saving packages for ongoing services such as fleet management and on-site repairs and inspections.

Being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere can be stressful on a truck driver who is concerned about the safety of the truck’s cargo, keeping on schedule, and making it home. Knowing that 24-hour roadside service is available can help relieve these concerns and provide peace of mind.